6 Reasons You Should Check Out the Lunar Chronicles (AKA Why TLC is AMAZING!)


Hello, hello! It’s been a few days since my last post (for some reason I’m out of ideas…) but I started this one quite a while ago and thought now would be a great time to finish it. If you are a new reader, you may not know that The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer are my absolute favorite books ever. (If you’ve read ANY of my posts you probably have heard me mention the series a few times… because I talk about it way too much!) Anyways, Marissa Meyer released her second graphic novel on January 30, Wires and Nerve Vol. 2: Gone Rogue, about the lovely android Iko. So, we are celebrating (a little late.. oops) by discussing 6 reasons why you should check out the Lunar Chronicles!

1. Fairytale Retellings

Before reading this series, I did not know how wonderful retellings could be. Essentially, it changed my life. Ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but that’s how great these books are.  I read Cinder before all the others books were released, so I did not know how the Cinderella aspects would mesh with the other fairy tale aspects later in the series. I really loved how the Cinderella story merged with the Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White stories. I have since gained an interest in retellings, and I always seem to compare them back to TLC.

2. Unique Sci-fi World

First, Cinder is a cyborg. That alone is really awesome. They also have things such as hovers (basically flying cars) and ports (like fancy phones/tablets) and androids! Honestly, I would love to live in New Beijing. There are so many awesome technological things, and it has made for an amazing setting for the series. AND there’s some really advanced space travel. There’s a colony on the moon, Luna, and some pretty luxurious ships to move people between Earth and Luna. Not to mention many other technologies such as Cress’s satellite, the Lunar’s ability to manipulate bioelectricity, and the D-Comm chip used to speak in private. Oh, I almost forgot the most important technology– Iko! She is an android with all the flair of human girl. It’s awesome how their world allows for something as advanced as an android like her.


3. Lovable Characters

Cinder: She is the heart and soul of the entire series, and gives a whole new meaning to Cinderella retellings. She is very hardworking and determined to overcome whatever obstacles life (or Marissa Meyer) throws at her. She is strong, mentally and physically, without being overly obvious about it. It is easy to be captivated by her story and her drive to succeed.

Prince Kai: The ever lovable prince charming, and charming he is! Kai’s got his own troubles, but he manages to woo Cinder and make one of the best Cinderella retellings ever! He is the iconic prince of New Beijing, and everyone adores him (including me).

Captain Thorne: Oh, Thorne! He’s hilarious and always adds a touch of humor to every situation. It’s kind of impossible not to like him. He and Cinder have the greatest Best Friends relationship, but he has a sweet, loving side, too!

Scarlet: She is a smart, tough young lady who never gives up on what is important to her. She is willing to fight to save the ones she loves, and does so successfully. Scarlet is incredibly caring, and would do anything to protect the people she cares about.

Wolf: He is the Lunar wolf-mutant that is actually a hopeless romantic. Like, he’s fighting bad guys one moment and worrying about Scarlet the next. Sometimes at the same time. He is clearly devoted to her, and would do anything to keep her safe.

Cress: I love Cress! She’s just so sweet and lovable and I just want to hug her! Though, she is very smart and has a knack for computers and technology. She could hack nearly anything, all while looking sweet and innocent on the outside!

Jacin: He is devoted to protecting Winter and fulfilling his duties to her. He’s an ex-Lunar Guard, and will do anything to help end the tyrannical reign of Queen Levana.

Winter: She’s a Lunar Princess, loved and adored by all of Luna. She is beautiful without using a glamour, and has won the hearts of her people. Winter’s a lit crazy, but lovable in her own way!


4. Adorable Romance (without a love triangle!)

Okay, personally I don’t mind love triangles. (But let’s save that topic for another day). I know there are lots of people who don’t care for them, and that’s totally fine! But guess what? I have a WHOLE SERIES for you without any love triangles! There’s four couples throughout the series and they are all amazingly adorable!! Each book introduces new characters, but the old ones are still very present and continue to grow and evolve. Each couple provides a romance you can definitely root for, and they each have their own personalities and aspects of adorableness! And, if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with romance, there’s plenty of action and other awesome sci-fi stuff going on. The romance is present but does not completely take over the story.


5. Super Complex Villain!

Oh, Levana. Throughout the first few books, Queen Levana is this lurking, mysterious lady who we don’t know much about. BUT have no fear! Marissa Meyer is great and wrote us a WHOLE BOOK about the villain! Fairest is a (kind of) novella completely dedicated to Levana and her life and why she is the way she is. This little book added sooo much depth to the series as a whole, and you really begin to see what makes Levana tick. I think it would be awesome if every series had something like this about the villain. It really helps the reader to see what the author wanted you to see about the villain and generates incredible complexity. If you love villains, definitely check out this series!

6. Aspects of respecting differences

In New Beijing (and probably other parts of their world), there are many cyborgs, including Cinder. Many people think cyborgs should be considered less than any other person, which brings about issues regarding respect for differences. It seems few people have respect for cyborgs, but all of Cinder’s friends don’t see this as a problem. In a sense, they are addressing problems regarding differences, and that is awesome! Also, there are several different kinds of strong women, and they all are very smart and powerful and amazing. There are all kinds of people in these stories that are strong and inspiring and it makes for an incredible series!

Have you read TLC? Did you love it (it’s ok if you didn’t!)? What are some of your favorite series? What kinds of things do you think make a great series?


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