WWW Wednesday: December 12, 2018


Happy Wednesday! It is time for a long overdue WWW Wednesday post, hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. I have had quite a wonderful reading time these past few months, despite the loads of school work. I have discovered the life changing aspects of audiobooks, and have even had time for a few physical books! So, I will discuss the following questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you will read next?


What am I currently reading?

Warcross by Marie Lu:

This is a reread in preparation for Wildcard. It has been a year since I last read this book, and I remember basically nothing. I really wanted to know what was going when I read Wildcard, and I look forward to seeing what happens next with this series!

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan:

This is also a reread but on audio. As I mentioned earlier, I have a newfound love for audiobooks and the incredible amount of time they can save you. Plus, the narrator for this series is perfect, and I love being able to revisit a childhood favorite!


What did I recently finish reading?

Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem by Lauren Oliver:

I desperately wanted to reread this series, and I did so through audiobooks. I just love Oliver’s writing style and the magnificent images her writing portrays. The voice of the narrator was not at all how I imagined Lena to be, but that was just a minor issue.

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews:

I have been very excited about Cait’s book for quite a while, and I am so glad that I finally could read it! This little book is INCREDIBLE and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride alongside beautiful and broken characters. Her writing is raw and powerful, and it reminded me a bit of Tahereh Mafi’s writing in Shatter Me. Basically, read this book if you want to have your heart ripped out, it’s amazing I promise!

A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi:

When I first heard about this book, I was thoroughly excited. After reading it, I am still thoroughly excited! I think Mafi delved into some important topics, yet the story was light and enjoyable. I loved the characters, and just overall loved the story!

Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland:

This was the first audiobook that I listened to that wasn’t a reread, and I mostly enjoyed it. I’m still kind of “eh” about the whole story, but some parts were unique and interesting. I think I would have struggled to get through this one had I physically read it, but the audio version was not bad.


What will I read next?

Wildcard by Marie Lu:

Hopefully I can finish my reread of Warcross soon and get on to this one!

Archenemies by Marissa Meyer:

I honestly don’t remember much from the first book, so likely a reread will take place beforehand. I do recall that I was kind of disappointed, so hopefully book two will be a pleasant surprise!

What have you been reading lately? Link me to your WWW Wednesday posts!

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10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: December 12, 2018

  1. Basically almost all of these are waiting impatiently on my TBR shelf… I’m especially dying to read A Thousand Perfect Notes. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!


  2. I read Wildcard this weekend! Definitely loved the fast pace of the story but that’s so.. typical Marie Lu that I didn’t really expect anything else, haha. Did see some twists coming, but others took me by surprise so.. overall I really liked it. Hope you will too!

    I remember liking Renegades but.. also finding it a bit slow and boring? I don’t know. The “cliffhanger” of that one was WAY too predictable but I’m still curious to see where Archenemies will go. Eventually. No clue when I’ll pick that one up, haha.

    Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you liked Wildcard! I’m slowly making my way through Warcross, but I have been so busy lately. Hopefully I can get to it soon!

      That’s also how I felt about Renegades! It just seemed too long and kind of dragged on. Hopefully Archenemies will be better! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awwh, darn life to get in the way of our reading sometimes, haha!

        Exactly. To be a book about superheroes and stuff, I totally felt like it was lacking in action or something? Guess I had some very specific expectations about it, hah.

        Liked by 1 person

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