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Happy Saturday, book friends! Today I have another tag (from quite some time ago…) that I am excited to finally get to! Thank you to Siobhan at Novelties for tagging me for the Reader Problems book tag! Be sure to check out her most lovely blog! Being a reader brings about its own set of problems, but it is something we all love nonetheless! Without further ado, onto the questions!

You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How do you decide what to read next?

Honestly, 20,000 doesn’t even seem like that much of an exaggeration any more. But, I would look to see which have been on there the longest and maybe when they were released. Other than that, I’m a mood reader, so whatever catches my attention at that moment.

You’re halfway through a book, and you’re just not loving it. Do you put it down or are you committed?

A couple years ago, I would have gasped at the idea of even considering to not finish a book. These days, I have learned that time is precious and there are just so many books out there that there’s no sense in wasting time reading a book you don’t enjoy. So, I would likely put it down.

The end of the year is coming, and you’re behind on your reading challenge. Do you try to catch up? And if so, how?

Yes! Last year was actually the first year I completed my reading challenge, only by keeping up throughout the year. However, in a dire situation, I would read graphic novels or listen to audiobooks!

The covers of a series you love do not match. How do you cope?

I have learned to appreciate the books that I do own, as not everyone has the access and opportunity to buy books. So, I am not super picky about what editions or covers I have. There are a few that don’t match that I may replace one day, but I am not super concerned about it.

Everyone and their mother love a book that you do not. Who do you bond with over your shared feelings?

I don’t necessarily have specific people, but it is always nice to come across another reader or blogger who shares my opinions!

You’re reading a book in public, and you’re about to start crying. How do you deal?

I’m not much of a crier when it comes to books, so this is not really an issue for me. But if it was, I would probably try to be quiet and discreet so no one would notice!

The sequel to a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot of what happens. Are you going to reread it?

Most likely, yes. Opposite of Siobhan, I very rarely reread a book before blogging, but now I do much more frequently. I find that reading the sequel is not nearly as meaningful without remembering the context from the previous book. Plus, it’s fun to revisit characters and places you previously loved!

You do not want anyone to borrow your books. How do you politely say no when someone asks?

There would be nothing polite about my “no”. I don’t let people borrow my books, end of story, though no ever really asks to borrow them, either.

You have picked up and put down five books in the last month. How do you get over this reading slump?

I’ve been in kind of a low reading spot lately, though it’s not entirely a slump. I’ve just been trying to find books that I am really excited to read, though if I get desperate I might do some rereads of my favorites!

There are so many books coming out that you are dying to read. How many do you end up buying?

It depends really, I have no specific number. I always buy new releases by Marissa Meyer and Tahereh Mafi, but I’m a bit more hesitant when it comes to authors I’m unfamiliar with. I typically buy ones I am super excited about or when other readers are providing high praise.

After you purchase all of these books that you’re dying to read, how long do they sit on your shelf before you read them?

Honestly, some will sit there for years. Others I will read almost right away. Again, it just depends on the author and my amount of excitement for the book!

I’m not tagging anyone specific, but this was a really fun one! Feel free to participate if you are interested, just link back to me so I can see your answers!

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