Hello! I am JoBeth, and I am the owner of Blue Binding. I am an avid reader and really enjoy anything that has to do with books. I also like drawing and doing artsy stuff along with playing the clarinet. I’m a nerd at heart, complete with a love for Star Wars and mathematics.

I mostly read young adult science fiction, fantasy, and some romance. Occasionally I will read historical fiction or other genres. Some of my favorite books include The Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Legend Trilogy, and The Illuminae Files. 

As far as my blog is concerned, it centers around a passion for books and reading. There is nothing better than a relaxing afternoon with a good book. So, I would like to share my love of books with the world and have fun doing it. Here, you can find reviews of some of the books I have read, compilations of books to add to your to-read list, and much more. I hope you enjoy Blue Binding!