I Heart Characters: Why I Want to be Annabeth Chase

I Heart Characters

Hello, book friends! I’m really excited for this post because I am sharing some major love for one of my first favorite characters: Annabeth Chase! I am linking up with the I Heart Characters meme, hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer. This weekly meme is a great way to share your love of characters through weekly prompts, such as A Woman You Want to Be. (Now, this was technically last week’s prompt, but I really wanted to do it, and I missed it.) Anyways, I am going to share some of the reasons I would want to become Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series! Continue reading

I Heart Characters: A Beloved Sibling

I Heart Characters

Happy Thursday! Today I am participating in I Heart Characters, hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer. I have written one post with this weekly meme before, but it has been a long while. I really like Dani’s idea of sharing character love, especially for us readers who are very character driven! I hope to be able to participate more this year (We’ll see what school has to say about that) and be able to share some wonderful characters! This week’s prompt was A Beloved Sibling, and immediately I thought of Joey from A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews! Continue reading

To Rate or Not to Rate~ A Discussion About Ratings for Reviews


Hello bookish friends! Today I’m here with my first “discussion” type post. I have noticed recently that people on Goodreads and other bloggers have varying opinions on star ratings for the books they read. Some people rate high, others always rate low, some always use half stars (or quarter or I’ve even seen a 3.01 once), while some don’t use ratings at all. I’m going to discuss my opinions on star ratings and whether or not they are very good indicators of a person’s thoughts on a book.  Continue reading