July Book Haul

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Hello everyone! It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is August already! That means I’ll be starting school and won’t be able to post nearly as much, though I’ve been working on some bookstagram photos for a challenge running through August. Be sure to check out my instagram (link in sidebar) to see my lovely book photos! Anyways, I’ve acquired several new books over the course of July, and I am eager to share them with you!  Continue reading

May Book Haul

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Hello! Today I am doing a book haul including the books I acquired in May. I haven’t had a large order of books in quite a while, so I am very excited about this one! I have a wide variety of genres and types, and I even got the Lunar chronicles coloring book!! However, I did have a bit of trouble fitting them all onto my bookshelf… Anyways, I am eager to share what amazing books I have gained over the past month! Continue reading

January Book Haul


Hello everyone! I am doing a book haul post today, to show you what books have accumulated in my house lately. Also, remember I said I wanted to try new types of posts this year? Well, here’s another one! I’ve always enjoyed reading book haul posts, as it shows what everyone else is into and what they plan to read! So, here are the books that I have either bought or borrowed from the library this past month.  Continue reading