I Heart Characters: A Beloved Sibling

I Heart Characters

Happy Thursday! Today I am participating in I Heart Characters, hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer. I have written one post with this weekly meme before, but it has been a long while. I really like Dani’s idea of sharing character love, especially for us readers who are very character driven! I hope to be able to participate more this year (We’ll see what school has to say about that) and be able to share some wonderful characters! This week’s prompt was A Beloved Sibling, and immediately I thought of Joey from A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews!

Joey is beyond adorable!

Sweet little Joey would make an amazing little sister, no doubt. She is all about mismatched clothes, glittery gumboots, and the color pink, just as any five-year-old girl would be. She picks flowers for her preschool teacher, and adores cooking, glittery things, and unicorns. I couldn’t help but love her, even just a few pages into the book!

Joey only wants to become a chef.

Joey is always baking up weird concoctions for Beck to try, using ingredients that definitely don’t belong together. She always tells Beck that she is going to become a chef, with pink utensils and a restaurant called “Joey’s Goodest Grub.” There’s no way anyone would be able to turn down one of Joey’s dishes, no matter what it’s made of!

Joey is fierce!

Considering Joey lives with an awful mother, she has seen and heard her fair share of nastiness. She’s learned some of her mother’s favorite German swears, and is not afraid to speak her mind. Of course, that can be a good thing, too, and that’s part of what makes her who she is. Joey always tells Beck exactly what she sees or thinks, and does the same with Beck’s new acquaintance, August. Even though it’s obvious Joey needs a little scolding from time to time, it’s hard not to enjoy her streak of fierceness!

Joey has an amazing brother, Beck.

Beck is the most wonderful brother to Joey, no matter what life or their mother throws at them. He always walks Joey to and from school each day, and he gratefully takes her strange food creations. Beck never gets upset with Joey, and he always lets her do what she likes. He has seen enough of his mother’s wrath, and Beck doesn’t want any of it to be directed at Joey, so he does everything he can to protect and care for her. Beck is a fantastic brother, and Joey makes for a wonderful little sister.

What character do you think would make a great sibling? Have you read A Thousand Perfect Notes? Do you love Joey as a character?

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5 thoughts on “I Heart Characters: A Beloved Sibling

  1. OMG! I know other bloggers have raved about A Thousand Perfect Notes but I wasn’t really interested until now!! My book Achilles heel is definitely little brothers and sisters… Joey is adorable and Beck sounds like an incredible older brother… Going on my TBR!! Thanks so much for sharing JoBeth (and for linking up too, thank you.) ❤️

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